Why you should create explainer videos

Businesses or websites that don’t have their own explainer video need a wakeup call. There are countless of reasons why using one is crucial. Explainer videos are by far one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools presently available. The audiovisual videos can be compared to commercials on Television. The only difference is that they are made for an online audience. That is why when people ask do explainer videos really help, the answer is yes.

Powerful Marketing Tool

One of the best reasons for creating and using an explainer video is because of their marketing power. Using an explainer video allows you to reach a larger audience. Not only that, you can do so at much faster and easier rates. In addition, explainer videos are cost-effective since creating one doesn’t require spending that much. Most importantly though, if done correctly, the viewers will be entertained as they learn about your merchandise, company or services.

For websites that want to rank well on search engines such as Google, explainer videos are essential. Their present ranking algorithm measures how long people stay on your site. Having explainer videos on your page will keep visitors on your site for longer periods of time. The end result are search engines ranking you higher.

Another reason why explainer videos are so popular and essential are due to their conversion rates. They are extremely successful when it comes to return on investment. Moreover, there is the conversion rates on people thinking of purchasing a product or service. Surveys show that 85% are more likely to buy something if there’s an explainer video to accompany it.

Businesses love explainer videos because of their power in messaging. They allow the company or person to clarify the fundamental principle of your brand, service or product a lot easier. It makes it much simpler for a viewer to understand what you are selling when someone explains it on a video.

Marketers recommend and use explainer videos based on their proclivity to generate interest. Social media is by far one of the most important ways to connect with people today. Since most users love to view videos online, you can target them more effectively. Plus, users love to share things which they find helpful and interesting. Countless of explainer videos have gone viral based on social media sharing.

There are many types of explainer videos available today. Because of that, you have over 10 different options to choose when it comes to which format that is best for you. Some of the best explainer videos online today are animated. There are also millions which are made using the ScreenCast method. Others are 3D, whiteboard and live action.

Irrespective of what type of explainer video format you choose to create, the possibilities are endless. Creating a top rated explainer video or one that is well-received, can result in millions in revenue. Hundreds of companies have seen unprecedented growth following their insertion and usage of explainer videos.

Making a great and helpful explainer video will also guarantee that you gain more visitors to your site. The best thing about explainer videos is how helpful they are assisting people retain information. For the most part, the average person only holds on to about 10 percent of what they hear or read. However, a whopping 50 percent are able to retain the information they see. This means that using a well-made explainer video will lead to increase in sales and overall conversions.

Industries which have products or services that are complicated or boring, adore explainer videos. The reality is that most people become bored when they have to read long bits of information about technical things. Creating a well produced video will turn even the most boring topic into an entertaining pitch. All you need is the right story line and you can instantly grab the attention of your audience. The internet is full of explainer videos from companies who offer difficult to use and understand services or products. But, these companies have made explainer videos detailing their wares which are very fun, entertaining and easy to follow.

That is why explainer videos are so effective. They can be used to grab hold of your targeted audience. Another good reason for using an explainer video is based on their simplicity in sharing them. Both Vimeo and YouTube make it extremely easy for viewers to share videos on their sites. Best of all, these sites are compatible with tablets and mobile devices. The end results is your video being shared via social media and other sites without much hassle.

No matter what type of company or person you are, the most important thing is being able to show your clients your personality. This is why using explainer videos are so important for this part of your brand. You can tell potential clients or viewers all about you, your brand or services easily by using an explainer video. You can showcase your individual or company personality.

Millions of people are taking advantage of explainer videos. Some users are taking it upon themselves to create their very own explainer videos. There are othersĀ  who find video production companies such as SquareShip to help them. The important part is making sure you utilize the most powerful online marketing tool today.