What Kind Of Editing Software Do YouTubers Use

Video editing used to be a job for professionals in the movie industry. Now, just about anyone can edit videos and post it on Youtube either for home or professional purposes. YouTube is the most popular and biggest sharing platform wherein you can upload and watch videos. Video editing is now as simple as a drag and drop process using high-end editing software that you can get done in a zap.

When shopping for video editing software, you need to check on the video formats so you know if it would be compatible with the editing software.

You might wonder how these popular channels are able to create great videos that generate tons of subscribers. What kind of editing software do YouTubers use? Here’s a rundown of popular editing software do YouTubers use:

  • Final Cut Pro. This is currently ranked as the most important of all major video editing software programs. This also comes in two modes – Standard and Advance. There would also be no need to buy other programs alongside this software. This is built in with a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to switch from one mode to another. The programs are always up-to-date to ensure that the software has all the new features. This program costs $299.99.
  • Windows Movie Maker. For beginners, this is the best video editing tool that will help you customize your videos even if you are not that technologically savvy. It’s no-brainer software that is also built to be very user-friendly.
  • This is the most popular video editing software to date which you can grab for free. This has superb editing features that work well with both Mac and Windows computers.
  • This is a great free video editing software for newbies because it has excellent features and yet very easy to use. This also works optimally with both Mac and Windows while also allowing you to edit the software while recording everything right on your computer screen.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro. This is the best video editing software built specifically for the pros because it has the most powerful features that will allow you to produce stellar videos for your branding purposes. It can also handle complicated editing requirements like multi-camera editing and 4K videos. You need to be a bit technically savvy to use this but it’s all worth it when you see the results.
  • Sony Vegas Pro. This is a high-end editing software which is also a very popular tool for many YouTubers who want to produce high quality videos online. It may be a bit tricky to master but the excellent features will be a huge challenge for someone who wants top-notch video quality.
  • Pinnacle Studio. This is an awesome editing software for Windows users who are looking for the same quality similar to that of the more high-end ones but at a lesser cost. This is one of the favorite editing software of YouTubers who are looking for cost-effective editing software.

A YouTuber needs to be very precise with the quality and message of his or her videos to reap the emotion they want from their target audience. Videos on YouTube are meant for both personal or commercial use (maybe even both) and you would need a video editing software that can provide you the best of both worlds at a price that won’t rip you off.