How To Make A GIF From Videos And Images

GIFs or animated images are breaking still waters as it personalizes our reactions over the web. GIFs have actually been around back in the 90’s but it has made a grand comeback in 2015. GIFs started as tiny clipart images which have now evolved into an artistic cross between image and video which is very […]

How To Make A Meme With Your Picture

We’ve all been amused with memes over social media – but do memes have a function apart from the comic relief? Interestingly, yes. Memes are defined by this modern generation as a cultural trends or type of an inside joke or lingo that evolves with time. This is particularly used to stir interest or virality […]

What Kind Of Editing Software Do YouTubers Use

Video editing used to be a job for professionals in the movie industry. Now, just about anyone can edit videos and post it on Youtube either for home or professional purposes. YouTube is the most popular and biggest sharing platform wherein you can upload and watch videos. Video editing is now as simple as a […]

Why you should create explainer videos

Businesses or websites that don’t have their own explainer video need a wakeup call. There are countless of reasons why using one is crucial. Explainer videos are by far one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools presently available. The audiovisual videos can be compared to commercials on Television. The only difference is that […]