How To Make A Meme With Your Picture

We’ve all been amused with memes over social media – but do memes have a function apart from the comic relief? Interestingly, yes.

Memes are defined by this modern generation as a cultural trends or type of an inside joke or lingo that evolves with time. This is particularly used to stir interest or virality in a particular event, brand, or person by using a catchphrase or a style in a catchy and rather humorous tone that can catch attention even from afar.

Using internet memes can definitely rake in attention, enhance your visual content, and fuel popularity but there are right and wrong ways to do it. Some people create memes to destroy or badmouth other brands or people while some just spread cheer and humor about their own brands. You see the difference?

Your intent of using memes can make or break your brand success – so be sure that you’re on the right track. Here’s how to make a meme with your picture:

  • Keep a watchful eye on trends. Whatever industry you are in, make sure that you are in the loop of things. Take note of what generates the most responses from your target audience.
  • Create your content. If you want to recreate or recycle from photos or videos online. Our recommended choice is to use Imgur’s meme generator for this.
  • Create a compelling catchphrase. Remember that less is more. Create a catchphrase that is short yet captivating enough to grab attention. Use a language that resonates with your target audience.
  • Select your tools. For creating memes, your top bets would be Pixlr Editor and Photoshop. You can also make use of meme generator sites like Imgur. There are also photo and video apps that allow you to easily add text to videos and images like Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram.

Create memes with Imgur:

  • Click “Upload New Background”.
  • Drag images into the box and then paste the URL or image in the text box under the Browse button.
  • The photo is now ready for editing. Type in the text that you want. Resize text or images.
  • Name your meme.
  • Click on “Make This Meme”.
  • Once meme is created you can right-click to save the file, delete it, or copy the link for sharing to your social media networks.

Create memes with Pixlr:

  • Go to Homepage.
  • Click on “Open Image From Computer” then choose the image you want to use as meme.
  • For adding the text, click on Type Tool. Select Impact as font in All Caps, and White as font color. Adjust the font size until it suits the image.
  • Go to the Layers window. Right-click on the layer that contains your text and click on the Layer Styles.
  • Select “Outer Glow”. Choose Black color, set hardness to 10, and then choose a desirable size within 6 to 8 based on your font size.
  • In saving your photo meme, click on File and Save.
  • Click Ok to automatically save the file on your computer