How To Watch Vr Porn On Your Samsung Gear

Porn or Adult content has it might be called is quite simple and easy to access on the Samsung Gear VR, that is only if you know what you ought to do. There are loads of free VR porn content available for Samsung Gear VR but trying to get these contents would take a few extra steps which some people might not even know about. . This may mean downloading the videos you want to watch or side loading an app. How to watch porn on Samsung Gear VR?

Though finding porn to watch in VR is suddenly easy, however, there are some steps which ought to be taken to fully get started on the videos.

  1. This first stage is actually divided into three stages. This stage is where you get your videos. You can either download apps, or download the videos you want through a video player. The last option is to make use of videos within apps which can be downloaded from Google Play. They all work in different situations and are quite easy to use and also enjoyable.
  2. Watching Porn on a downloaded app: There are five basic stages in watching porn with a downloaded App and they include:
  • Ensure to download the Sideload VR from the Play Store and install it
  • Also enable Download of other third-party apps in the settings of your Galaxy smartphone.
  • Move to download the third-party app which you have in mind then install it.
  • After installation, open the App and delve into the world of free VR porn.
  • Open the video you wish to watch and enjoy the VR sensation.
  1. How to watch downloaded free VR porn on your phone

There are 4 major and easy steps to achieving this, and they shall be highlighted here below;

STEP 1- You have to download the videos wish to watch on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

STEP 2- Then put on your Samsung Gear VR headset.

STEP 3- Next stage is to open the downloaded videos from any video app of your personal choice.

STEP 4- Go on to watch your videos and wank away.

Samsung Gear VR lets you watch porn in VR. There are different ways to watch your porn apart from VR, which are also easily accessible but the quality of VR Porn speaks for it.

At times, people request for where they can download free VR porn on their Samsung Gear VR. This is why I shall be recommending sites like BaDoink VR, NaughtyAmerica VR,, PornHub and SexlikeReal.